Air Conditioner and Compressor Cages

All Weather Doors and Locks installs anti-theft cages for both residential and commercial clients that want to make sure their air conditioners remain secured.  Our cages are designed to fit all popular designs of air conditioners but we can also customize them to fit special sized units.  All the cages come with an access door for regular maintenance and service and the cage does NOT have to be removed at all.

Why Do You Need a Protective Air Conditioner Cage?

The price of copper is at an all time high. This is why you must protect yourself from theft with an air conditioner cage. Don't assume you're not a target!  In this hard hit economy, it takes a thief less than three minutes to take what they want from the unit or simply take the whole thing.  

Thieves do not discriminate! They are stealing copper from large commercial businesses, homes in gated communities, churches, rooftops, schools and their own neighbors air conditioner units. This has turned into an addictive, easy money making business according to reports. It is just too easy! 

All of our air conditioning cages are made with strong and durable 10-12 gauge steel. We use rolled steel hinges and all cages come with a service access door. Our cages are tough!

Air conditioner cages by All Weather Doors and Locks., serves Tennessee, Mississippi and Arkansas, and is doing its best to help put an end to the copper and metal theft that has been so prevalent.

Remember that Prevention Costs Less Than Replacement!!!

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